China’s in China – Da Dong

Over the weekend we hopped on a plane from Shanghai to Beijing to get our tourist on. In 36 hours we knocked out the major sites: The Great Wall, Tienamen Square, Summer Palace and treated ourselves to a Peking Duck dinner. (Hello from the Great Wall!)


Da Dong is duck restaurant chain around China that prepares the traditional whole bird and rolls it out on a cart to carve and serve in front of you.


Look at that presentation!


The duck comes with a bamboo container of thin, steamed pancakes and crunchy, puffed sesame pockets, each to be used to fill with duck and the accompanying vegetables (celery, radish, white scallions, pickled cabbage) and sauces (garlic paste, plum sauce and sugar) they give to you on an individual platter.


I love these kind of DIY meal preparations. I put that plum sauce on errthang.


Crispy duck skin tacos are the bomb. Forgive the less than appetizing photo.


Oh, but we didn’t stop there. We tacked on three other traditional dishes. Leave no rock unturned! The stir fried mushroom and bamboo shoots with fava beans (or a similar bean) was tender and flavorful. Can’t say I’ve eaten many bamboo shoots before.


The eggplant with sweet vidalia onions and roasted garlic cloves in a thick smokey sauce with whole star anise. The garlic cloves were as soft as mashed potatoes.


Lastly a platter of the three meat dumplings, enough to feed a family of four. They were SO GOOD. I’m on the verge of turning into a dumpling, but I can’t stop. Carpe the dumpling.



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