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China’s in China – Xibo

Pronounced “Sheebo,” this restaurant featured a cuisine from the northwest corner of China, the Xinjiang region. The flavor profiles and ingredients were noticeably different than the other regional Chinese foods we’ve had due to its influence from the middle east. Specifically a lot more cumin, lamb, pumpkin and dates.


The food was absolutely delicious. The dishes were packed with flavor and paired with tender pita to dip into everything. It felt like a warm, satisfying hug of a meal.


We started with the chilled, slow cooked eggplant and bell peppers. The strips of vegetables were so tender they were basically smear-able and oh so smokey.


The hand stretched cold noodles in a tangy vinegar, peanut, chili sauce were my favorite. I wanted to drink the sauce. And I don’t know what voodoo magic was in the torn noodles but they were SO TENDER.


The cold noodles went really well with the cumin shredded lamb with green and red peppers. This dish knocked you down with flavor but in an I-can’t-stop-going-back-for-more kind of way. We thought we were going to have leftovers, which was funny.


Lastly, we had one of the regions specialties, pumpkin dumplings. The tender skin encased a shredded pumpkin filling (not mashed pumpkin, which surprised me) and pieces of peppers. I love pumpkin wherever I can get it, and this was no exception. Just all around a damn good meal. I’m on a mission to find a Xinjiang restaurant in the Bay Area. When I find it, I will let you know.


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