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China’s in China – Highline

When Bruce lived in Shanghai he made a group of awesome friends with an incredible taste in food and restaurants. One of them even has her own. We met on Sunday morning for a big brunch at a new restaurant, Highline on the 6th floor of the the Ascott Hotel. By this point, I was excited for a western meal. I went into it thinking “I’ll just have a salad” and left thinking “damn that was good… and at least I also had some salad.” This place rivaled any SF brunch spot I’ve been to, not to mention we didn’t have the standard 1.5 hour wait.

I started with a freshly pressed carrot, apple, ginger juice (because balance) and then dove into the following:


Crab cake Benedict with a side of pickled fennel and mashed avocado and asparagus. The crab cake was pure light, flaky crab with a flavorful crunchy crust. The harvest salad was a welcomed bright, citrusy vinaigrette with roasted carrots, fresh apples, candied pepitas and crumbly feta cheese. Sharing was hard.


A potato waffle topped with creme fresh and smoked salmon. Why aren’t there more potato waffles in my life? Probably the best vehicle I can think of for smoked fish. YUM.


Because one Benedict is never enough, we got the meaty, biscuity version that was piled high with tangy collard greens. Indulgent as all get out, but not too heavy.


For the final one-two punch, we ordered the peanut butter (glazed) and jelly (filled) doughnut. Then the kitchen brought us a piping hot sticky bun with citrus butter as a gift – having brunch with someone in the industry comes with its sticky benefits. They both induced moans around the table.


Shanghai not only has bomb Chinese food, it just has bomb food. Period.


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