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China’s in China – Din Tai Fung

Specifically, I’m in Shanghai. The skyline evokes memories of Sims video game buildings and the Las Vegas strip. Colors and flashing and odd shapes (notably the Can Opener and the Pearl Tower).


This is a fascinating place. While the food is amazing, the air quality is not. You can taste that haze. It didn’t stop us from walking 10 miles out there to earn some of these good eats. I started the day with two glasses of cucumber and carrot juice from the extensive Hyatt breakfast buffet, as to balance a dumpling heavy diet. Day 1 we dove in head first with Shanghai soup dumplings from Din Tai Fung.


With a side of pork potstickers and noodles with scallions and soy.



The good news is that Din Tai Fung has 130 locations world wide, including one in San Jose! You, too, can have delicious, fresh noodles sans the 12 hour flight.


What do you do after a carbo-loaded meal like that? You top it off with a Nutella cookie from Strictly Cookies. Lexie knows what she’s doing.


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