Hands On Gourmet: Thai Edition

I can hardly type I’m so full. Dinner was prepared by about 18 sets of amateur hands with a lot of guidance. Our team hosted a cooking class event for our client at Hands On Gourmet in Potrero Hill. For how distracted we were by cheese, chatting and wine, the food turned out damn good. Like, shockingly good.

Our workstations:

One of my jobs was massaging cilantro lemongrass marinade into some chicken thighs. *We got to keep the sweet aprons*

Then we grilled them to perfection.
But the freshly rolled and fried spring rolls might have been my favorite. 

My table was in charge of preparing the main courses: vegetable green curry and the grilled cilantro lemongrass chicken. The green curry was made from absolute scratch and the flavor almost knocked us over. 

The large table was set up family style in this huge room of an old warehouse overlooking the bay. All of us were scheming about future events we could host at this venue. It was a home run. 

Coconut sponge cake with banana brûlée and whipped cream to finish. 
If you’re trying to think of a fun team building / client outing / alternative party, I highly recommend a private cooking class. Everyone got into it and the meal tastes so much better when you know you had something to do with it. 

Needless to say, the cleanse has been fun but it was time for creamy cheese, fried dough and coconut cake.


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