Day 9: The Real Detox Drink

I really wasn’t going to blog tonight. It was not a cute food day, and dinner was a re-run. I mean, srsly:

But now I’m kinda hooked on over-sharing. 
Pro-tip #3: Avoid bland chicken by a semi-homemade quick fix. Find a sauce or dip that would be amazing on a cracker and dump it in a pan with some chicken and a little stock. Sauce should be oil based. My fav right now is artichoke lemon pesto
Breakfast: Overnight oats with 2 dried apricots, mixed berries and cinnamon
Lunch: Mixt Greens steak salad and chicken and apple salad sandwich 
Snacks: Orange slices mixed into 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, BBQ Kettal chips (trapped in a 3 hour meeting, sue me)
Dinner: Leftover chicken in artichoke lemon pesto, sweet potatoes and avocado over spinach salad 
Dessert: Spicy orange hazelnut bark, frozen berries
As you can tell from the above, today wasn’t *exactly* on-cleanse, so I made a cup of my go-to detox drink to make up the difference. It sounds more like a salad dressing than a warm bedtime drink, but it does a body good. 
Turmeric Lemon “Tea”
1 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 lemon juice
dash cayenne
1 cup hot water
(optional) honey 
Put first three ingredients in the cup and pour in hot water. Stir in honey, if needed. 

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