Day 7: Drawing within the Lines at Park Tavern

I think today gets an A for effort. I made two meals at home, went to yoga and at dinner all of the bartenders knew I was on a cleanse. Park Tavern feels like the bar in Cheers “…where everybody knows your name.” It’s our go-to. Alanna is friends with all of the bar tenders and general manager, we get special treatment, the food and drinks are solid. Even when we try to branch out, we often end up here.
Long story aside, we ended up there tonight.

Breakfast: oatmeal with mixed berries and almond butter with dash of cinnamon

Lunch: Spinach salad with roasted sweet potato strips and brussels sprouts, goat cheese, cucumber, avocado and pistachios topped with a balsamic, olive oil and sriracha
Snack: Banana, pickle, and at least one serving size of Safeway’s Ginger Zinger trail mix
Dinner: Jalapeño and bacon deviled egg, 1/2 serving of pumpkin soup with creme fraiche, pepitas and spouts, 1/2 serving of the beat salad (not pictured), and 1/2 serving of the short rib with potatoes mousseline, roasted carrots and sherry glazed cipollini onion (to die for). Rye manhattan.

My self-inflicted limitations were bread, sugar and dairy (disregard baby amount of creme fraiche). Looking back on it, I easily would have polished off the complimentary Acme bread with butter, and some sort of dessert. I didn’t need it and I’m glad I didn’t have it, but it took restraint to draw the line. Note to self for the next time…


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