Day 4: Book Club

Contrary to the forecast, it was clear skies this morning so I walked the 4ish miles to my first meeting of the day. The smell of rich coffee and cooking bacon wafting out of restaurants, and walking by people munching on chocolate croissants really piqued my appetite for my jar of overnight oats and green tea! Well, not really but that being said, I was a fan of this morning’s concoction.

Breakfast: Overnight oats consisting of 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, 1 cup almond milk, dash cinnamon and salt, 1 tablespoon raisins, 1/4 cup frozen mixed berries with cherries. Sprinkle chia.
Snacks: Hard boiled egg, carrot sticks and cucumber slices, Bosc pear
Lunch: Leftover brussels sprouts and tofu stir-fry with black coconut rice, and a side of hummus. *This is when keychain sriracha would be clutch.
Dinner: Clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl Green beans in vinaigrette, almonds, veggie chips with beet hummus and bell pepper slices
Everyone else’s plate at book club:

My plate (except x7 the bell peppers and veggie chips you see here):

I will not win any photography or recipe awards for this post, but I felt like consistency and honesty are an important part of this. It was a real lesson in self restraint. It was not easy. No wonder so many diets fail…This cleanse (or just a healthy diet) is easier and more enjoyable when you have the control of the food in front of you. But when surrounded by “bad” food, with few alternatives around, will power runs the risk of getting bypassed by hanger in a hurry. My pro-tip: keep almonds in your purse!
As far as the actual book club went, we discussed the book “Tales of the City” – oldie but goodie set in San Francisco. (Sourdough bread bowls, get it?) I learned there’s actually a TV series based on this book! Important information as I’m rounding the corner of the 5th and final season of Friday Night Lights…for the third time.
Next month’s book is The Nightingale! I actually just finished this book and it was wonderful 🙂

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