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Off the Grid Dinner Date

The plan for tonight was to cook dinner, play board games, and watch house flipping shows. On the walk to the store to pick up groceries, we called an audible. The glowing lights, the savory smells of 20+ food trucks and and the sounds of all the people having fun derailed our low-key night in. 
The thing about food trucks is that you’re always subject to severe food and drink envy because there is no way to have everything. Death by indecision. The no-brainer was the Magnolia Proving Ground IPA, San Francisco’s finest.  

The other no-brainer was The Chairman’s Coca Cola braised pork steam buns. We knew ourselves enough to know we weren’t going to be those people in the 50-deep line for a lobster roll or the new Korean BBQ truck, so we opted to split some chicken and veggie dumplings in spicy vinegar sauce. Then the sub-zero temperatures hit (at least 52 with a breeze!) Yep, fall is here… and it’s time to call it a night!

Clearly a steam bun and a dumpling isn’t quiiite enough for a growing girl. So on a Safeway run to grab a banana, Nathan couldn’t resist the cinnamon scented pine cones. Now autumn has really made it’s presence known in my apartment. 

To top it off, some sourdough toast with peanut butter, banana and pumpkin… heavy on the cinnamon. 

Gratitude journal entry: In case it wasn’t obvious…I’m grateful for all things fall!


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