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Scribe Pick-up Party ~ Fall Edition

image (59)

My first week of work was a whirlwind. There was no “syllabus day” to speak of, just hit the ground running. The good news: I love it. Scribe’s Q3 pick-up party was the perfect way to unwind.

photo (99)

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The event featured the “Mast Brothers” chocolate makers who provided a goodie box of freshly grilled bread topped with melty chocolate spread, a slice of persimmon, a piece of dark chocolate bark sprinkled with almonds and craisins, and black truffle chocolate truffles (truffle truffles!). The chocolate box was paired with a tasting of their 2012 Cabernet.

image (61)

Quin, who recently became a member herself, and I enjoyed our chocolate and wine from a couple of Adirondack chairs at the edge of the vineyard. If I were to die and go to heaven, it wouldn’t look too much different than that.

image (62)

Gorgeous views + delicious wine + indulgent chocolates + beautiful people + well behaved dogs and children. Somebody pinch me.


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