Campbell’s Soup: Revisited

If most 20 something’s are like me, they own a lot of random artwork that is simply on the walls to be on the walls. You inherited it along the way, you saw something you didn’t hate at Target, it was left by a previous tenant. Decent art isn’t cheap, and it isn’t exactly functional. But how depressing are blank walls? We need it, so we settle.


But at some point, the art in one’s home should speak to the personality of the inhabitants. The classic Warhol Campbell’s Soup can jumped out at me. Taking an image from Pinterest to a poster on you wall is a few clicks away.

  • Download the image onto your computer (at least 100KB)
  • Upload image to Kinko’s website
  • Determine poster size, locate nearest location and pay
  • Pick up the next day!

But why not make it my own? I added some flare.


I love soup. I make it all the time. It deserves recognition on my walls. Voilà!


Frame + glitter = Target.

And so begins the process of making my walls make sense.


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