…Changing with the Leaves…

This has been a big week in my world. I accepted a new job, turned around and quit my current job, and jumped on a plane pointed for DC.


We spent the weekend in a lake house on Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, surrounded by a rainbow of leaves. It was a great reset button, preparing me for the transition into a new routine. I’m thrilled about the new position. I’ll be staying in furniture (which I’ve become obsessed with over the last year and a half) but I’ll be working more with clients, designers and bringing in new business, with less focus on the back-end details.

While on the topic of transitions, I’ve hit the 3 year mark of China’s Plate (!!!) I love this little blog, but I want it to encompass more of my interests. Aside from food, I’ve taken an interest in interior design and décor – partially influenced by my work in furniture. In preparation for a move into my own apartment, I want to start working on home design projects, and blogging has always been a motivator for me to actually DO the things I PLAN.


Therefore, this is my warning that soon – in addition to food – I will write about different aspects of planning for and decorating a home (realistically, a small SF apartment) that I’ve been dreaming about since I first moved out of my parents house and into the dorms. My home environment until this point has been transitional, mismatched, rundown and temporary. That is just the nature of the game when you live with roommates (most of whom, I’ve loved and enjoyed living with!) But the time has come to start building a real home.


…As if I wasn’t obsessed with Pinterest enough.


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