Clark Lewis ~ Portland

I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad the world didn’t end today. At least not before lunch. My second favorite thing about visiting Portland, behind eating at home, is eating out. Their restaurants rival SF’s, and that is not a statement to take lightly. My mom takes hours (I kid you not) researching restaurants for my visit, and Clark Lewis made the cut for lunch.

photo (69)-003

Clark Lewis is located right by the water in a historically warehouse/industrial neighborhood that is undergoing restaurant-gentrification. The ambiance is great, with the smell of campfire greeting you as you walk into their wood-piled entryway.

photo (71)

Mom and I were briefly ignored by the waiters, but after realizing their error, gifted us their artisan cheese plate as an apology. The apology and cheese plate were accepted.

photo (72)

For lunch, we split the beet and goat cheese terrine salad with glazed walnuts in balsamic dressing, and the Reuben sandwich.

photo (70)

Every bite was delicious (though I would have added more sauerkraut to the Reuben!). I definitely commend them on great customer service – gestures like free artisan cheese plates win me over every time. Another amazing Portland restaurant experience under my (expanding) belt.


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