Foreign Cinema

I miss cooking. I miss baking. I miss having my own kitchen. That being said, I’m not complaining! I’ve been too busy with happy hours, baseball games, going out to eat with my mom (who came down for an impromptu visit from Portland) and eating meals my host family –of sorts- has been making for me. So unless I were to post on my tuna salad I just packed for lunch, I’ve got nothing to show. A worthy post, however, would be one on Foreign Cinema in the mission, where I went for the second time with my mom, aunt and uncle.

photo (129)

I first discovered this restaurant when my east coast friends were visiting. We were blown away. So I took my family back there and was not disappointed. I split the corn soup, shaved zucchini salad and quinoa bulgur wheat medley with vegetables. Then had bites of everyone else’s. In addition to one of the best bottles of cabernet sauvignon.


(Images from website) My uncle had the sesame fried chicken.


We all split the chocolate pot de crème and the goat cheese cheesecake… I will be attempting to replicate this cheesecake shortly.

My mini-update: I’m moving from the east bay to SF this weekend! It’s only a one month sublet in Nob Hill, but it’s a step in the right direction. Finding an apartment is proving harder than finding a job…


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