Birthday Dinner at Cocotte

There’s a fine line between appreciating food and over-indulging. For my “birthday happy hour” we wanted to make a summery appetizer while not ruining our dinner. The compromise was Ina Garten’s herb dip with crudité platter… and a basil mojito.


After researching a number of top rated Portland restaurants, my mom and I picked Cocotte Bar & Bistro. My sister and I split the summer fruit salad with goat cheese and pine nut granola.

photo (40)

We also split the “savoury clafoutis” which is essentially a soufflé made of brie, wild mushrooms, caramelized onions and leaks. Rich but light and fluffy… just great. 

photo (39)

And dessert. So unnecessary, but it was my birthday so my hands were kinda tied. The dark chocolate mousse with a pine nut shortbread crust, marshmallow cream and strawberry coulis.

photo (37)

And the almond brandy cake with caramel ice cream, apricot jam and caramel popcorn. Super creative and I loved the crunch of the popcorn. So about that fine line between appreciation and indulgence…

photo (38)


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