The Book Club Dilemma

I’m all about eating healthy and proper – if not small – proportions. When I get around a group of girls and a spread of food, this typically goes out the window. It’s something I battle, and I don’t think I’m alone. When delicious looking cheese plates or dense brownies are sitting in front of me for hours on end, I lose willpower and almost unconsciously graze on the food. Knowing this ahead of time, I took some precautions against myself. First, I made an effort to practice ‘mindful eating’ where I consciously decided to fill my plate or not, and enjoyed the food I did eat. Second, I made a health mini-dinner beforehand so I wasn’t starving and could maintain some control.

What did I make? Did you even have to ask. A sweet potato. This version is one of my all time favorites: frozen spinach sautéed in garlic and olive oil, dumped onto a baked sweet potato and topped with herbed goat cheese. Simple and delicious.


Book club was not a let down in the food or discussion departments. There were two fabulous spreads (neither of which I contributed to because of excuses I’ll spare you from). The cheese, truffle honey, apple, pistachio, hummus, chip and carrot spread.

photo (24)

And these popular little pinwheels: crescent dough rolled out, spread with pesto, pine nuts and feta, rolled, sliced and baked. (Courtesy of Mama Hubbard, hostess extraordinaire)

photo (25)

Then the brownie with whip and berries, meringue cookie, and chocolate covered cherry spread. I also discovered my affinity to Smoking Loon wine.

photo (23)

I’m awfully depressed that this was my first and last book club with this new group, and one that I’m sure will be a huge success – especially with hot reads like Fifty Shades of Grey!


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