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Millet & Quinoa Stir-fry with Mango and Vegetables, Shrimp Spring Rolls & Dipping Sauce

Easter may not be my favorite holiday, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want a nice Sunday dinner. A few weeks ago, Quin bought soy sauce. Seemed like a good enough reason to make Asian. Or a healthy spin-off of Asian.


We discovered that spring roll skins are pretty nifty things. Can you even see it?



Mango Shrimp Spring Rolls

5 sheets round rice paper
lettuce (we used spinach)
carrots, julienned
1/2 champagne mango, julienned
bean sprouts
shrimp, cooked through and sliced lengthwise
mint, chopped
cilantro, chopped

Red Chili Dipping Sauce

1 tablespoon lime juice
1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar
1 teaspoon peanut oil
1/2 teaspoon chili sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger
green onions

Soak the rice paper sheets in warm water for 15-20 seconds, then spread it out on a paper towel. Stuff with shrimp and vegetables and roll them up.


Millet & Quinoa Stir-fry with Mango & Vegetables

1/4 cup millet
1/4 cup red quinoa
1 tablespoon peanut oil (or olive oil)
2 eggs
1/4 cup carrot, julienned
1/4 cup peas
thawed frozen broccoli
1 champagne mango, diced
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon chili sauce
rice wine vinegar to taste
3 green onions, diced
1/4 cup cilantro, diced
bean sprouts
sugar snap peas, roughly diced
lime slices

In a pot, bring millet and 1 cup of water to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes. In another pot, bring red quinoa and 1 cup water to a boil, then cover and simmer for 15 minutes, then let sit for 5 minutes.

In a large pan (ideally a wok), heat oil and add carrots and mushrooms, followed by peas and broccoli. Cook until tender, then crack eggs into pan and scramble with vegetables. Combine ground ginger and chili sauce with soy sauce in a small bowl. Finally, add in millet and quinoa into pan, toss together with soy sauce mixture and rice wine vinegar. Stir in mango, green onions, bean sprouts, cilantro, and sugar snap peas. Serve with sliced limes.


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