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Spring Break in California: Marin County

I don’t know how I spent so much of my life in California without ever crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. On our last day, we made this our mission. But our first stop was the Ferry Building which is a huge, old structure they’ve turned into a foodie playground.


It’s chock-full of specialty food vendors, such as the famous Cowgirl Creamery and Blue Bottle Coffee. Once you step out of the building, you’re on the edge of the bay with a view of the Bay Bridge. It’s no surprise we saw a bride strolling around the building, snacking on samples with bridesmaids and photographer in tow.


We grabbed some espresso chocolate chip cookies for the road, then wove through the city to get to the Golden Gate.



The views were spectacular. Though I grew up as a SoCal hippy child, I think NorCal takes the cake for Best Place to Live. SF’s proximity to the snowy mountains, warm beaches, wine country, and farm country is hard to find anywhere else. A little gem tucked away in the hilly coast north of San Francisco is Sausalito.


This boutique town has one main drag that runs along the water, and right above it are layers upon layers of gorgeous homes with what I imagine are ridiculous views. I’m not sure who lives in these houses, but I’m going to make it a personal goal to befriend one of them and offer to house-sit.


We had lunch at a restaurant right on the water called Salito’s Crab House. I ordered the tomato and goat cheese salad with smoked salmon. I just love smoked salmon. I’d like some now, in fact. Alas, I’m 30,000 feet in the air, flying over Dayton, Ohio with trail mix as my only edible option.


For the rest of the day, I got to hike around Piedmont’s cute neighborhoods, and quickly worked up an appetite for dinner – not that that has ever been hard for me to accomplish. We went to Xyclo, an Asian fusion restaurant on Piedmont Ave. It appears to be a predictable hole-in-the-wall Asian restaurant, but the food blew me away. It started with the papaya jicama salad (check out the waffle-fry shape of the jicama!):


Then the decorative spring rolls with sweet and spicy dipping sauces:


The “birds nest” pasta dish with chicken, prawns and a ton of veggies:


And lastly, the crispy curry fish, which was literally jaw-droppingly tasty. We took a bite and looked at each other like, really?


Needless to say, I ate extremely well on this trip. Thank you mom! I’m not going to lie; I’m craving a big bowl of spinach right about now. But when in Rome, you eat as Julius Caesar does.


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