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Loaded Sweet Potato

I realize I may have previously documented a stuffed sweet potato, but it must be revisited. Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes? You know whenever you’re at a restaurant and “sweet potato fries” are on the menu, someone’s ordering them. This is a healthier, cheaper (cough, better) way to get your sweet potato fix.


It’s basically an entire meal stuffed into a wrinkly brown skinned root, that happens to be packed full of nutrients. Did I mention they’re like $0? And the variations are endless. Take this as an example:

Loaded Sweet Potato

1 sweet potato
1/4 granny smith apple, diced
goat cheese, crumbled
roasted almonds, chopped
dash cinnamon

Optional: additional goat cheese and red pepper jelly to spread onto sweet potato skin

Prick sweet potato with skin and microwave 5-6 minutes, or until soft. Slice open and mash down. Top with remaining ingredients. Add butter if you’d like – but you really don’t need it!


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