District Commons

I promise I’m not holding out on you, I just haven’t been in the mood to cook the past few weeks (so unlike me). I realized that cooking all the time can make you very antisocial. So I decided to shake things up and make more of an effort to see friends during the week and make Monday through Thursday a little more exciting. This definitely hurts the wallet, but who knows how long I’ll keep this up once it starts snowing outside.

(Image from website) Anywho, last night Evan and I met up with our friend Molly for dinner at District Commons – a new restaurant in Foggy Bottom. It has a very big city feel, an awesome bar (that actually has 99 bottles of beer on the wall!) and creative food. Not to mention, one of Evan and my favorite beers on draft: Speakeasy’s Big Daddy IPA. We discovered it on our trip to San Fran and have searched for it since.

We ordered the Pig Board to share. Velvety prosciutto, marinated cherries, fresh butter and biscuits.

For dinner, I got the smoked salmon flatbread. A base of cool dill marscapone cheese, crumbled hard boiled egg, capers, red onion and chives. I ate it all.

In retrospect that may not have been the best idea, as I didn’t feel too good afterwards. But it was a good night!


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