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Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner with Quin’s parents last night to Oyamel, a José Andrés restaurant. It lived up to it’s expectations. They boast their fresh squeezed juices, so I ordered a guava juice and vodka cocktail to go with the spicy, table-side prepared guacamole.


Everyone else at the table ordered the house margarita topped with salt foam.

photo (1)

The menu is made up of small plates so we each ordered 2 or 3 things and passed them around. Up first for me was the fried egg with black bean sauce, house made chorizo, salsa verde and tortilla.

photo (2)

Next, the tuna ceviche with lime marinade, scallions, avocado, toasted pecans, jalapenos and crispy amaranth (don’t know what the amaranth was but it felt like crunchy fish eggs) Pretty sure this was my favorite thing I ordered.

photo (7)

Last but not least, I ordered the grasshopper taco. Yes, grasshoppers, sautéed with shallot, tequila and served in a tortilla with guacamole. Strong flavor and an interesting crunch, but I was having a hard time overcoming the fact that it was tons of little insects. (Taco on the right)

photo (6)

Other dishes around the table were plantain fritters with mole dipping sauce.

photo (5)

A stuffed pepper covered in crema and pomegranate seeds.

photo (3)

And many more…

photo (4)

Some how we found room for dessert and split the coffee ice cream with Mexican cinnamon sugar shortbread chips, milk chocolate coffee sauce and caramelized bananas AND the chocolate custard with chocolate sorbet, passion fruit gelatin, chocolate and pumpkin seed crumble and fresh passion fruit seeds.

photo (8)

The chocolate custard with the passion fruit was out-of-this-world. All of us took a bite and looked at each other like, no way.

To top off the indulgent dinner, we sipped homemade infused cocoa liquer blended with almonds and chilies.

I’m definitely returning to Oyamel, if not just for the desserts and cocktails. José, you know what you’re doing. 


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