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Off the Waffle, Ankeny Vineyard & Wild Abandon

I’ve mentioned my love for my little farmer’s market Belgium waffles. But Off the Waffle in Eugene, OR takes Liège waffles (or Belgium Pearl Sugar Waffles) to a new level. 


On top of this sugary, chewy, dense (awesome!) waffle was avocado, goat cheese, a fried egg, fresh basil and smoked paprika.


Action shot.


My mom ordered the waffle with avocado, tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil. Really outstanding. Sophie chose this gem for us to stop in for lunch, before we dropped her off at her new cute house right next to the U of O campus.

On our way back from Eugene, my mom and I stopped by Ankeny Vineyard to do a little wine tasting.


It was a gorgeous setting with amazing weather.


Their dessert wine literally tasted like alcoholic honey – in a good way. But we both agreed no one ever drinks dessert wines, so we opted for the rosé.

The trip home took a turn for the worse when we hit commuter traffic and went approximately 30 miles in 2 hours. We painstakingly number crunched to figure out that we went 15 miles an hour for 2 hours…ouch. Good thing we didn’t have to make dinner when we got home!


I had two pieces of the garlic bread and the Willamette Dream Salad from Wild Abandon.  The Dream included “prawns’” read: shrimp, with grilled apple, currants, candied pecans and gorgonzola.


Somehow eating and drinking all day has worn me out! It’s time for some book reading in bed.


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