Mexican · vegetables

Vegetable Burrito Bowl

Meatless Thursday.
After a night like last night, it had to be. A bunch of us went to the the Congressional Blues Festival at the National Building Museum. The tickets were only $25 dollars for all you can eat, drink and blues-listen. In theory this sounds awesome, but as usual it was a bit of a let-down. The line for food was 45 minutes to an hour long, which was really my biggest qualm. The food its self wasn’t terrible, but it was all meat. Fried chicken, chicken salad, honey baked ham, ribs, chicken gumbo, with side options of slaw and potato salad. Hence, Meatless Thursday.
I’ve never made burrito bowls, per say, but it’s one of those dishes you can throw in whatever you have in the fridge, top it with salsa, and call it a burrito bowl.

Tonight we have:
black beans
bell pepper
red onion
white cheddar cheese
Greek yogurt
tortilla chips


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