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Vegetable + Fish = Recovery

It was a balmy 100 degrees with 80% humidity today in the District. Oh California, how I miss you. One problem with vacation is that you usually end up eating food you would not normally eat, which can really throw me off. By the end of the trip, I wasn’t feeling so hot and I think the unhealthy food was to blame (not that it wasn’t phenomenal at the time!). I got myself back on track the past few days with meals made of vegetables and fish. 
Tuesday night: Dijon salmon with spinach rice and corn on the cob
I’d never thought to add spinach to rice, but it tasted great.

1/2 cup rice (1 1/3 cup water +1/2 tbsp butter, cook for 20 min)
chopped frozen spinach (or fresh)
1 clove garlic, minced
Grana Padano cheese, grated (or Parmesan)
salt and pepper

Tossed all together with hot, cooked rice. 

Wednesday night: Mediterranean Tuna Salad Pitas
2 cans white tuna, packed in water
1/2 cup plain 0% fat Greek yogurt
red onion, diced
green olives, chopped
cucumber, chopped
lemon juice
mint, chopped
dash of garlic salt
salt and pepper
sliced tomato
romaine lettuce

Thursday night: Veggie Greek Pitas
garlic hummus
tomato slices
romaine lettuce
red onion
peas (crazy, right? however, peas and mint are a happy marriage)
feta cheese
red wine vinegar
Lunch everyday this week: Roasted red pepper and goat cheese panini + carrots
Ciabata roll
goat cheese
roasted red peppers
roasted red pepper hummus
sliced cucumbers (added on after grilling)
*basil would be a great addition*

I’m hoping for a restful, productive weekend, including a large farmer’s market trip and maybe some baking…


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