Days of Independence

This weekend felt like a marathon. It started with a birthday dinner on Thursday night and didn’t stop until a little cook out and fireworks show on Monday night. A brief detox and health food diet will be in place from now through Thursday (then it’s birthday weekend time!).
Friday afternoon we got a group together to go to Jazz in the Park – a favorite DC summer tradition. Being the seasoned JintheP’ers that we are, we had a blanket, picnic snacks, and some smuggled wine and beer.
Plus a delicious pitcher of sangria.
We really have Garrett to thank for the phenomenal preparations.
We weren’t the only people having a nice time. Out of nowhere, a train started…Everyone was on the same page.
Around 3pm on Saturday, we decided to hit the waterfront for pre-dinner drinks… and ogle the ginormous yachts. (*note the patriotic tank top)
Saturday night Evan and I finally made it to Matchbox in Chinatown for dinner. We’d attempted to go a couple times before but the wait was always way too long. We split the crab and avocado salad and the “fire and smoke” pizza. The menu warned that this pizza was ‘very hot’ and they spoke the truth. I had to chug lemon and lime water to survive, but it was tasty!
From there we met up with friends at the National’s baseball game. Couldn’t tell you if we won or lost…nor did I actually watch any of the game. But we were there!
Sunday morning was all about getting the engines back to neutral, involving an extended gym session and a delicious salmon omelet from Café Bonaparte.  Later, I had planned to bake 4th of July cookies and attend a pool party…the cookies were a disaster, and Evan, his roommate Andy, and I ended up going to Happy Hour at Kitchen and watched the storm roll in. Best laid plans…
Monday morning Evan and I hit the tennis courts then stocked up at Whole Foods for a foodie afternoon. Lunch: tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic and Dijon sandwich.
Followed by a cook out: burger piled high with goat cheese, a fried egg, sliced tomato, sundried tomato pesto and sesame seed bun. Incredible. On the side: grilled corn on the cob, baked beans and watermelon.
Around 8:30 Andy, Evan and I made the hike down to the Georgetown waterfront for the fireworks show, and conveniently cut through Georgetown’s campus Hogwarts.
For dessert, I had a scoop of cappuccino crunch ice cream from Hershey’s down at the waterfront …and a side of fireworks.
Kennedy Center in view.
Last but not least, I wake up to an email on July 5th that the newest member of Evan’s family was born! Happy birthday to Edward “Knox” Willingham!
Picture 043


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