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Salmon with a Summer Salad

I covered a lot of ground today. Though there are multiple farmers markets close by, Evan and I decided to drive out to Eastern Market to do some produce shopping and get lunch. If you’ve never been, Eastern Market is a big indoor/outdoor market with everything from clothes and jewelry to produce to crepes (!) to art.
My favorite part: all of the samples!
The jewelry by Enise has awesome stuff, but I ended up with starfish earrings from a different stand.
Then there is our beloved crepe man. We actually went to Eastern Market on Saturday as well, and had crepes then too. Yesterday I had the banana, strawberry, nutella.
Today I went with the turkey, spinach, tomato and gouda.
We did the math and I’m pretty sure he makes like $4K a weekend…$7 crepes, 1/min for at least 6 hours on Saturday and Sunday.
Love all of the DC art, but original art is just soo expensive. Fun to look at, none the less!
Dinner tonight was actually pretty stellar. Wild Alaskan salmon was on sale at Whole Foods so I made my sweet & spicy salmon, which takes 3 minutes to make and 9 minutes to broil. Boom. While it was cooking, I cut up a cucumber, vine ripened tomato and bell pepper (all from the market) and tossed them with some homemade vinaigrette and feta cheese. And leftover risotto to finish. — The vinaigrette was a mixture of: olive oil, balsamic, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic and salt and pepper.
Hope there’s something good on Hulu tonight!! Happy Monday Eve Thumbs up


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