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Shrimp, Zuc, Pea & ‘Shroom Risotto

Tonight, I actually have a reservation at 8:30 at a fine Italian restaurant in Eastern Market (Acqua al 2) with a group of girls for a friend’s going away dinner. Though this fine “Italian” dinner that I am reporting on now is homemade, as I plan to order a dessert and glass of wine at the restaurant. Though I’m sure dinner there would be delicious, I’m ballin’ on a budget over here. Not to mention, I don’t usually eat dinner past 7 pm.Nerd smile 
This risotto is an example of why Trader Joes is essential. The from-a-box mushroom and herb risotto is delicious and leaves room for me to throw in whatever I want.

Shrimp, zucchini and peas were sautéed in a separate pan then added in.
IMG_0942I added:

1/2 zucchini
1/2 cup peas
shaved Parmesan cheese
diced tomato
basil (didn’t need it- the risotto had enough flavor by itself)



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