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Pulled Pork Sandwich & Mango Soft-Serve

This Memorial Day felt like summer vacation used to feel. A random weekday with nothing better to do than go to the pool. As you’d expect, a family was having a cook out in the park next to the pool and it smelled amazing. So I decided today was a perfect day to try my hand at barbecue.IMG_0880
I always thought pulled pork had to take hours and hours, and cook in some kind of outdoor pig smoking chamber. Apparently not! All you need is a big pot, and a couple hours to look over the pork shoulder as it simmers away.
Cutting the pork into large pieces cuts the cook time down a ton, and it definitely didn’t take away from the tenderness.
It might look strange but that’s just the chicken bullion. I followed this recipe and would definitely make it again.
For a light and refreshing dessert on this 95 degree day, I attempted mango creamsicles.
I adapted mine from Bon Appetit’s Peach and Cream popsicles…but either the consistency of the mangos or the not-so-cold freezer forced me to make it soft serve.
Definitely not the end of the world because it was still SO good.
Mango Soft-serve:

2 mangos, diced
1/4 cup sugar
1 vanilla bean
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup Greek yogurt
splash of milk

Make a quick simple syrup by adding the water, sugar and vanilla bean to a pot and cook until sugar is dissolved. Throw out vanilla bean and cool the syrup. Once cool, add all ingredients to a blender, then freeze in cups or ramekins for individual desserts.


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