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Memorial Day Walking Tour

Our biggest adventures in DC usually happen on accident. They start out as innocent: a quick walk to Starbucks to catch the bus to Dupont Circle, we get impatient for the bus and decide to walk the whole way, and then there’s no looking back. This is how we ended up walking 11 miles on Saturday.
One of my favorite outdoor bars is the The Occidental outdoor lounge at the Willard Hotel downtown. We tried to kill some time by exploring the old Post Office Pavilion. The line was too long and full of boy scouters so we headed in a different direction until we stumbled on the National Botanical Garden.
It’s such a hidden gem, and it’s HUGE. There was a room dedicated to spices that were all displayed cutely in large fake flowers.
Those orange pods are cacao {future chocolate!} The garden was a beautiful little oasis in the middle of downtown.
Then a loop around the Capitol just for fun. When I’m exploring DC, I try to avoid groups of people in matching T-shirts as much as possible. This is easier said than done. In our efforts to avoid a group of singing, color-coordinating teens, we ducked into a nearby bakery, Paul’s.
Right outside, a group had gathered to watch a man speak about either Native American issues and/or veterans and war crimes. I really couldn’t tell. IMG_0866
Another 15 block hike back from the Capitol to The Occidental for a refreshment in their lounge patio.
Walk another 14 blocks to Commissary for their happy hour? Sure!
Hello, delicious watermelon margarita. On the walk home from Logan Circle, we saw the coolest corn hole set. Everyone has their unique way of celebrating Memorial Day.
Happy Memorial Day!
And Happy Birthday, Melissa!! Little does she know, I’m about to surprise her in bed with Starbucks.


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