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Hash Browns & Salmon Sandwiches

I could eat raw (or smoked) fish everyday. I practically do, between all the sushi and smoked salmon bagels. After a long day of getting my car registered, I deserved some smoked salmon. Going further with the breakfast for dinner concept, I made hash browns. I have no idea why potatoes turn a reddish color after they’re grated but mine went from white to red to greyish purple. Perhaps because I left them to strain for a while…still tasted good! The key to hash browns is getting as much of the liquid out of the potatoes as possible to attain desired crispiness. A potato ricer is supposed to be the best tool, but all I had were paper towels and a sieve.
Besides the straining process, hash browns are very simple. Grate a russet potato as if it were a block of cheese, then strain/blot/squeeze out as much water as you can. Mix in some salt and pepper. On high flame, heat a few tablespoons of vegetable oil in a large pan, then add potatoes and press to spread hash browns into very thin layer. Cook for a couple minutes, or until bottom is browned, then flip.
Isn’t the color odd? I topped them with ketchup, though apple sauce or sour cream would have been nice instead.

For the salmon sandwiches:
English muffin
onion and chive cream cheese
red onion, sliced thin
smoked salmon
After dinner, Evan and I walked up to District 2, a bar and grill near the National Cathedral, for a night cap of Magic Hat #9’s. You have to take advantage of this perfect weather while it lasts!


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