New Car, Old Food

Yesterday I bought a car. Here she is:
I love her. But like a real girlfriend, she has taken all of my money.
Mostly I’m just trying to save up for the things she needs, so I have put my needs on hold. Dinner tonight was a combination of things in my refrigerator. Last slice of Greek pizza I made Sunday night, a salad with feta and craisins (we’re out of salad dressing but a drizzle of strawberry balsamic and basil olive oil did the trick), and microwaved frozen peas.
I’m not going to get started about the process of buy my car. It was not easy, not fun, and not cheap. However, I am very proud to say I did it essentially all on my own, and was approved for a loan and everything. So I’m preparing myself for dinners including frozen peas and Trader Joes Asian dinners-in-a-box for a while. I apologize ahead of time for lack-luster blog entries.


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