Scallion Pesto Pasta

I need to thank my friend Tonya for turning me onto Poor Girl Eats Well, where I found this recipe. Though the pesto was a tad too onion-y for me (you actually had to actively fight back tears while eating it), it was cheap and easy! I bookmarked many of her recipes like the red quinoa pudding and the cranberry-almond tuna salad sandwiches. Living cheaply needs to be taken seriously as I save up for the car I need to buy sooner or later. Unfortunately, it’s probably sooner. Anyway, you can find the recipe to the scallion pesto here. Perhaps if the scallions were briefly roasted to take the raw sting out of them, the pesto would be less strong. I’m planning to use the rest on some baked chicken.
I bet more parmesan would have gone a long way.
In addition to the pesto, I added sautéed onion, tomatoes and peas. On the side, a pretzel baguette with evoo and balsamic. IMG_0756
Dessert: diced champagne mango and strawberries with honey.


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