An American Sunday

* My favorite part of DC might be all of the tulips, they’re everywhere!
I hope the summer is filled with more nights like last night. For dinner a group of us grilled out at Evan’s house. The menu was grilled chicken with honey mustard barbecue sauce, grilled corn, roasted garlic potatoes and pineapple. It was perfect weather and the food was delicious. The corn on the cob was my favorite.
This was the technique Evan used:
– remove husk
– butter, salt and pepper the cobs
– wrap in tin foil and place on the grill
– grill for 20-25 minutes, rotating 4 times
– remove tin foil and grill directly for additional 5-10 minutes
They turned out perfectly.
IMG_0737How American is a cookout?
On the way back to my house we planned to grab ice cream. Somehow the trip turned into an evening walk around the monuments. We promised ourselves that we would do something DC’ish like this once a week during the summer. You only live here once – most likely – so you might as well make the high rent worth your while.
It sounds silly, but it was actually a really inspiring night.
The monuments and capitol looked stunning, lit from beneath and standing out against the city in the background. 
The moon was huge!
The Lincoln Memorial was bringing back tons of memories of my birthday weekend last July when my friends kidnapped me at 2 am, threw me into a cab and didn’t tell me where we were going. Stopped for ice cream on the way (not the most obvious of late night foods but it was July, so it worked) then ended up at the Lincoln memorial. So fun.
(Image below)
Still, nothing beats the White House.

And today is Evan and my 3 years of dating anniversary! Open-mouthed smile


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