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Chicken Nachos and DC Adventures

I took full advantage of this spring Sunday. First stop was the Palisades farmer’s market, which is a lot smaller than the Dupont Circle market but with better vendors.
There’s a lot less produce but a lot more prepared foods like chocolates, cheeses, breads, bakery items, and THE BEST BELGIAN WAFFLE STAND. The stand also has paella and turnovers. 
I’m obsessed with it. I wouldn’t shut up about it. These waffles are made on the spot for each order and are doughy and hot with crystalized sugar bits inside the waffle so it’s amazing without any toppings. Just another reason I ❤ the Palisades.
Afterwards, Evan and I decided to finally visit the DC Zoo. It’s a magical place (and like most things in DC, would have been even better without the crowds). This little guy greeted us as we walked in.
I must say my favorite animal that I saw – and maybe even of all time – is the Orangutan.IMG_0665
IMG_0668 They’re so human-like, it’s great. Sometimes I worry that they get self conscious from having everyone stare at them all the time. Then there were the spooning lizards.
The agile chameleon.
The biggest turtles I’ve EVER seen.
This sweet little monkey who was chomping on a snack and watching everyone very intently.
My second favorite animal, the Gorilla.
They were looking a little bored.
A small mammal with serious personality. I think he was posing for pictures.
We made our way out through the Asia section, where we saw three elephant buddies. They kept huddling up like they were on a football team. Quite precious. IMG_0688
It was a good day in the District. It’s nice when you can get out and take advantage of where you live, so today was a success.
For dinner I made an oldie goldie recipe that I started making in college. Shredded chicken nachos. They never disappoint.
1 lb chicken breast, cooked and shredded
tortilla chips
1/2 can black beans
1/2 can yellow corn
cheddar cheese, grated
avocado, chopped
green onions

Preheat oven to 400. Squeeze lime juice over shredded chicken. Arrange chips (so the scoops face upwards!) on a sheet pan covered with tin foil, cover with cheese, chicken, beans and corn. Bake for 7-10 minutes, until cheese is melted. Top with remaining ingredients.
On the side, we had delicious and cheap pineapple. Some people fear buying pineapples because they seem tough to cut. Here are some simple directions for cutting up a pineapple:
Chop off the top, the bottom and the sides of the pineapple.
Cut it into fourths, then remove the hard inner core. Slice lengthwise and cut into cubes. Nerd smile


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