Fish · salad

Tuna Salad with Crunch

Tuna is definitely one of my go-tos- if you haven’t picked up on that already. This recipe has morphed each time I make it, but the essential ingredients are:

2 cans white tuna
white beans
red wine vinegar
fresh lemon juice
dijon mustard
bell pepper
red pepper flakes
salt + pepper
To this I’ve added tomatoes, roasted red peppers, spinach, basil, shredded cabbage and/or pita chips. Tonight, I just went with a little shredded cabbage and pita chips. After determining an easy dinner, the more challenging decision came up: what to give up for Lent? Now, if you knew me 1-2 weeks ago, you may be surprised that I’m planning on even participating in Lent. Somewhere down the line of starting a new job at an Episcopalian school, working around children and attending chapel this morning, I’ve realized this might be something I should take more seriously. Religion is something I want in my life and I think the opportunity and drive have finally meshed. To answer my own question, I’m thinking I might give up candy (eek!). It’s a nice mixture of not impossible, but definitely wont be easy. We’ll see how it goes!


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