Out to Lunch in the Rainy City

As usual, today has revolved around food. While I was waiting for people to wake up, I made breakfast. Brie & pomegranate on toast.

IMG_0120IMG_0122Sophie and I headed out to a funky area called “Alberta Street” for lunch and last minute Christmas shopping.

We chose a bakery/restaurant called La Petite Provence.

IMG_0126They had amazing looking pastries and breads that were staring us in the face while we waited for a table.
IMG_0127But the most impressive baked good to me was clearly the Santa Head o’ Bread. You can’t find those just anywhere.
IMG_0128After much debate, I chose the Provence BLT croissant sans the B and a side salad. It had avocado, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and basil aioli. Very happy with this life choice.
IMG_0129And because those seductive pastries had worn down my self control, I got a chocolate chip cookie on the way out.
We stopped in the Portland grocery co-op and admired their exhaustive collection of seeds, grains and other millet-like goods all lined up, not unlike a candy store. You’re guaranteed to always find something new and unique when exploring Portland. 


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