Travel Day

imaeg from websiteChristmas break finally came. Travel day was actually surprisingly streamline. I even got a little cubicle time.

IMG_0089No delays, no issues, no lines…that never happens. That is, until the flight attendant came on the loud speaker asking “if anyone is a doctor, please come to the back of the plane.” The good news is I’m pretty sure everyone made it off the plane alive and we didn’t have an emergency landing in Utah. And since I have my new laptop, I was able to watch a movie during the flight. (Though I do not recommend watching The Hangover on a plane. I was trying to suppress bursting out in laughter the whole time). Also, if anyone is trying to make a career change, may I suggest opening a kiosk in the airport? They rob you blind. $2 dollars for a mini pack of fig newtons? I’m planning on many restaurant visiting/ home cooking/dog picture blog posts during this trip. I’m very excited!!
IMG_0094There she is! Good morning Stella girl.


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