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Cookie Frenzy

Every Saturday I feel this compelling need to go to Target, whether I have things I need or not. This particular visit I had about two things on my list, which ended in a full basket of baking supplies. It was time to bake some cookies. First up, Corn Flake “Wreath” cookies. This recipe is the exact same as Rice Crispy Treats, just using Corn Flakes and green food coloring. 

Melt a 10 oz. bag of marshmallows in a pot with 3 tbsp butter. Add food coloring, then mix in 3 cups of corn flakes. Plop spoonfuls of the sticky mixture onto parchment paper lined baking sheets, then press a couple red M&M’s or red hots onto the wreaths. Mine could have used a little more green dye, but you get the picture. 

Second came the white & semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies. I just made the Tollhouse recipe on the bag and swapped half of the chocolate chips for white chocolate chips. 

I took some of these cookies over to Evan’s where, no surprise, boys were watching football. Since  I was feeling adventurous after my cookie-baking frenzy, I went in on their football bets. I will say, watching football is way more interesting when there is money on the line. I actually almost won it all! It came down to a tie between me and Evan, except I picked UCLA for the last game and that didn’t go so well. Still, not too shabby for my first time.


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