Biz Trip to NY

I’ve only been to NY three times now and my preconceived notions have already changed. I was anti-NY for a long time, in part because when I went as a child it was in the middle of a snow storm and I was miserable the entire time. But as everyone knows, it is the Food Mecca of the East Coast. (Case in point, the Food Network Building)

Anyway, I went there this Wednesday and Thursday for a work trip to have some marketing meetings (a two-day straight meeting, rather) with people in the New York office. We took the Ascella train– which is awesome. I had no idea trains were the best way to travel: No security, no lines, no assigned seats, food car, super fast. I came prepared with my Food & Wine and Martha Stewart Living 🙂 

My travel partner, Stephanie, and I happily discussed food related topics for the entire 2.5 hour trip – as she shares an affinity to the gastronomic arts. 
Our lovely Marketing Director gave us each a present of unique mugs from Anthropologie when we arrived, which I love

That night I met Tonya (my New Yorker best friend) at a bar across from my hotel called Dusk for a Cosmopolitan, naturally.

Photo by Yun Cee Ng

After the second day of meetings, we hopped (or ran frantically for fear of missing it, in my case) on the train home. Unfortunately, each time I’ve gone to NYC, we never search out those “unique and amazing” New York restaurants I’m constantly hearing about. That’s a MUST for the next trip.


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