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Mexican Salad w/ Salsa Egg + Banana Boats

Somehow, I made it through Bikram yoga again tonight. I was a starving and disheveled mess when I got home, so I wasn’t completely on top of my cooking-game. I knew I wanted to poach an egg in salsa verde (an idea Grandma gave me) and put it on top of a Mexican salad. I may have let the egg poach a bit too long… but other than that, the salad was good! I just put a mound of spinach on a plate with black beans, corn, poached egg, more salsa verde, cheddar cheese, avocado slices and tortilla chips. By the end of dinner, we were just eating chips + salsa + cheese. And canned peaches (?) because Evan grabbed those at the store. 

Dessert was yummy but way too small. Why did I think half a banana would be enough? This was a rendition of my childhood all-time favorite, the banana boat. Simply slice a banana lengthwise, but not all the way through and stuff! I stuffed mine with peanut butter, white and semisweet chocolate chips (marshmallows are also a phenomenal addition). Wrap in tin foil and put in a toaster oven/grill/oven until the banana is warm and chips are melted. Dig in with a spoon!


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