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Red Pepper Jelly Creations

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means…Farmers Market! 

This was Evan’s maiden voyage and he was not left disappointed. In addition to the numerous samples, we bought a pear spice muffin (which was divine) along with this gorgeous wheat sourdough round. That, and some brussel spouts, a crazy looking sweet potato and red pepper jelly. Love, love this stuff. 

I wasted no time and made myself a sourdough toast with goat cheese and red pepper jelly for breakfast. 

In the spirit to try new things, Evan suggested we rent bicycles and ride them up the C&O Canal. So that is what we did – after I bought nifty (extremely embarrassing) head band. I fussed a bit, only because my bike had gear issues, it was freezing, I was hungry and those bike seats are none too comfortable, BUT it was fun and had gorgeous views. I SO wish I had brought my camera but I had trouble even keeping up with my debit card. We traveled about 8 miles round trip. It was definitely a work out, but it beats running in my book.

After the ride, I was about to keel over from starvation, so we ducked into Tackle Box for lunch. 

When I got home, I went into a small coma of exhaustion, then continued work on my painting (which is coming along nicely), then started dinner. Naturally, I used my red pepper jelly again and made a cucumber, cream cheese and red pepper jelly sandwich on sourdough. With this, some brussel spouts adapted from my friend Blair’s special recipe: steam the brussels, then put them in a skillet with oil or butter, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, garlic (I used garlic salt), balsamic and brown sugar. 

Lastly, I microwaved the odd looking sweet potato and mashed it up with half a banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, a tiny bit of butter, pineapple juice and brown sugar. Sprinkled raisins and a little more brown sugar on top and baked it for about 20 minutes at 400. 

 Now it’s Hulu time.


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