Friday Night Out

Evan and I had plans to go out to dinner last night, and it was my job to choose the fine establishment for our weekend splurge. I ended up being busy all day and Evan went with a knee-jerk decision he found on Yelp, with a seemingly promising review. Well, I think I’ve found my least favorite restaurant in DC. The poor reviews from a friend should have stopped us, the fact that it was in Foggy Bottom should have stopped us (arguably my least favorite area of DC), but we went. 

The setting of this restaurant was in the bottom of a hotel with short ceilings and an entrance through a lobby. We were seated and given the “Student Menu” and no wine list (though the name is F Street Bistro & Wine Bar). Poor Molly, our slightly socially awkward waitress, was the only waitress for 12 tables, all of which sat GWU students looking like they rolled out of bed. — Now, I understand that not all restaurants have to be fancy, or even good. However, on the website of this restaurant they describe it as “Superb Cuisine & Ambianceand a haven for diplomats, professors, and high-powered executives who want to escape the bustling federal and business districts.”

Image from website

As far as food, I ordered the spinach salad with goat cheese & apricot compote (there was no apricot compote, there was a fruity vinaigrette) and the baja fish “tacos” = tough fish with mango salsa in thick pita bread. Evan darlingly ordered calamari (a chewy, fried failure) and tequila cream pasta with “blackend” chicken, which was more like Tysons-chicken-from-a-bag. 

The experience is not fully conveyed without the obnoxious, self-important dialog from the students around us about their Thursday nights. This lesson was learned the hard way. 


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