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Vegetable Won Ton Soup

This meal was all about won tons. I was so fortunate to have this recipe pop up right as I was trying to figure out how to use up my won ton skins. Vegetable won ton soup was added to the menu. My bright idea (that I probably stole from someone else at one point) was to go to the Whole Foods salad bar to pick up the perfect amount of vegetables for these won tons, without having leftover green onions or mushrooms that I wont use in time. From there, you mince these vegetables as small as you can. Mix these veggies with minced garlic and ginger – I used dried ground ginger instead of fresh – and stuff won ton skins with a tiny spoonful. 

A few vegetables go a long way with these things. Cute little pouches.

When they are all assembled, heat up chicken broth in a pot and drop them in. Bring to a low boil and add spinach and green onions. I served this with a pinch of dried ginger, S&P and a few dashes of hot sauce.

The few I was planning to fry, I stuffed with cream cheese. These were the favorites (duh). Frying them was quick and easy. Bring about an inch of oil to simmer in a pan, drop in a few won tons at a time, and flip after about 30-45 seconds. Evan was standing by, holding baking soda – there to save the day had a grease fire occurred. 

We dipped them into sweet & sour sauce. Won ton skins are turning out to be lots of fun. 


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