Pumpkin Carving Party Muffins

Eating healthy is antisocial. Case in point, the industry luncheon I went to today at Maggianos. These mixers are awkward to start with, chatting with engineers and contractors, slipping each other business cards, coming up with excuses to get out of conversations – not to say they are all bad! Anyway, today’s meal started off with baskets of bread, artichoke dip, fried zucchini, caprese salad and a slaw-iceberg-disaster of a salad. As I passed around the family-style plates without taking much, the man next to me had a few words to say about it. With the next course of cheesey ravioli, chicken parmesan, beef something or other, grilled chicken over steamed spinach (would’ve been my best option had I been eating meat) and lasagna. It looked something like this:

Comment Guy next to me goes “here’s the chicken you’ve been waiting for Ms. Healthy”. Then dessert came out (because doesn’t everyone eat dessert at lunch?) with a huge piece of chocolate cake and two tiramisus. My friend, the witty Comment Guy, goes “I think you deserve first pick of dessert”. Ah, loved him. Way to make me feel super awkward at a table full of strangers. As I said, eating healthy is antisocial. 

Luckily, Evan and his roommates, “the family”, are more accepting 🙂 So while they had pork loin from the grill, I had tuna and avocado sushi and a Green Machine Naked juice. 

I came home a little frantic remembering that I had muffins to bake and marshmallows to cut and it was already 8:30. The marshmallows turned out pretty well! 

I efficiently whipped up these White Chocolate & Pecan Pumpkin Muffins, which were amazing. It’s all about not over-mixing the batter.

Phew! Now bed. Until I wake up, when I get to take a small bakery to work with me. 


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