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Making Marshmallows

It has been a very inconsistent past 24 hours. It started at around 5 pm yesterday when I came down with a cold, which led to staying awake till almost 5 am with a fever. Dinner last night was a large mug of Peach Detox tea and a bowl of oatmeal – not exactly the garlic & parmesan Tilapia I had been planning on.

Per Mama’s orders, I took 1000 mg’s of Vitamin C…and wouldn’t you know it, I felt so much better today! Not 100% but close enough feel up to making marshmallows. I have been planning on making these marshmallows for over a week. My emotions have ranged from anxiety, excitement, apprehension, back to anxiety, and resignation. I knew I had to at least try them, knowing full well they might be a disaster. On my sick, rainy day off I took the D2 bus down to Safeway and picked up the healthy and nutrient rich ingredients for making the mallows. 

This was a first for me using gelatin and corn syrup. I’ve decided gelatin freaks me out – but that’s not what’s important right now. The process of making marshmallows is pretty involved, but Pastry Pal‘s step-by-step instructions held my hand through it. 

The most sensitive point is getting the sugar-corn syrup mixture to exactly 250 before dumping in the gelatin mixture while having egg whites at soft peaks. 

Mix, mix, mix.

Pour it out.

And then you wait. I’ll dust it in powdered sugar and cut it up into cute pumpkin shapes tomorrow to bring into work on Friday for our Final Friday Pumpkin Carving festivities. I, however, will not be eating those. I’m taking this Health Movement seriously. Today I watched Food Matters, the movie my mom’s been pushing me to see. Now it’s my turn to push everyone else. I’m a big a fan of the message (eat healthy to be healthy, essentially) and that educating people (making them face reality) will hopefully lead them to make better choices. It’s on Netflix, go watch! 

After the movie and a snack of sliced bell pepper, celery and carrots, I went for a 45 minute walk/run around the neighborhood. How’s that for juxtaposition? Super sick to making marshmallows to being Healthy Hannah. 
You never know with me.


One thought on “Making Marshmallows

  1. yum! these look good. I wanted an after picture.
    i had your coffee with a shot of pumpkin spice today. delicious. and free, because I've got connections at Barry's Cafe. Good suggestion!


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