pork · sandwich

Pork Loin Sammies

For how much I love cooking, its weird to think I really only started cooking seriously about a year ago with Sunday dinners. I even remember my first meal, goat cheese and basil stuffed chicken courtesy of Ina Garten. The year leading up to that I became glued to the Food Network. So eventually my super-suggestible personality thought I want to do that! I’ve been hooked ever since. 

 I see now, after attempting to cook a homemade meal most nights of the week, that it takes a lot of work and time. No wonder my mother would act exasperated on nights when I would complain about the menu. It’s hard to come up with creative, fresh dishes every night! Personally, I love the process (I know, ask me in 15 years) but it feels like a tasty puzzle I get to come up with and put together with a very rewarding result. 

The reward tonight was that I had put in all the effort yesterday and just needed a couple things to throw this meal together immediately after work. 

Most likely there will be 2 to 3 more mini-meals to follow tonight, but this was a yummy way to finish up the pork loin. It was simply fresh (still warm in the bag!) French bread, Dijon mustard, tomato slices and sliced pork loin. 
Shifting into lazy-gear for the rest of the night…my favorite kind of Friday 😀 


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