Shall we begin?

It is fitting I start my blog on my “me-weekend” where I plan to do only exactly what I want. My boyfriend is at a UNC football game in Charlottesville, my roommate’s mother is in town visiting and I have avoided committing myself to much of anything for the next two days. I’ve had a list of to-do’s since Tuesday night. A large part of that list is time set aside to sit and go through all of the food blogs in my Google Reader. I first became obsessed with reading food blogs this past May, just after graduating college as the severe boredom of real life set in. It started with Deb’s Smitten Kitchen- though I’m pretty sure her photography would seduce anyone. Now here I am, reading food blogs whenever I get the chance: getting up early for a fix in the morning, sneaking peaks during work, and settling in with a glass of wine and my computer at the end of the day. I, too, am obsessed with cooking/baking/eating and couldn’t let them have all the fun, so I decided to give it a shot. I have never been a writer. Term papers hung over my head from Syllabus Day until the day I handed them in; my eyes widen with terror when I am asked to quickly “draft something up” for work. The reason for this, I think,is that I’m supposed to translate my thoughts into a specific language when composing these sorts of documents. That’s the comfort of a blog: if I’m just supposed to be channeling the voice in my head, how hard can it be?

Brie & Ricotta with Roasted Garlic Borsetti with Figs & Parmesan

Paired with Cottage Cheese & Grapes

While at the store this evening, gathering preparations for my solitary weekend, I decided to purchase figs. Never in my life have I cooked with figs, or even taken a bite of a fresh one. I was feeling adventurous, needless to say. Along with my adventurous figs, I picked up some pre-packaged cheese borsetti (meaning little purses, cute!), among other things. While boiling my pasta tonight, I had a crazy thought to throw chopped figs into a pan with garlic to toss in with my pasta. Turns out my instincts are pretty brilliant, or at least not terribly misguided. I actually liked the combination! (Though I’d probably eat just about anything with Parmesan Reggiano and basil sprinkled on top) The figs were a little sweet with crunchy seeds to add texture to the starchy meal. And of course, my side dish of grapes and cottage cheese was delightful- I could eat cottage cheese with every meal. I finished the night with a hot cup of peach tea and a spoonful of Nutella, another one of my weaknesses.

Brie & Ricotta with Roasted Garlic Borsetti with Figs & Parmesan

1 1 package Brie and Ricotta with Roasted Garlic Borsetti

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 clove garlic, minced

1 fig, chopped

Parmesan Reggiano, grated

Handful basil, chopped

Cook pasta per directions on package. Warm olive oil in a pan with garlic and figs for 2 to 3 minutes, or until figs soften. Dump cooked tortellini into pan and serve with freshly grated parmesan and basil.


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